Send an email to group members

A premium feature that you can test thanks to free trial and without engagement.

Mail app already allows you to select a group as recipients, but “My Groups” goes a steps further.

  • spot contacts without emails;
  • target specific address labels in priority;
  • eliminate address labels that must not receive a message.

You have the control on which email will get your message, without losing your time on case by case micro-management.

Targetting is very easy and only rely on two criterias:

  1. email address labels taht must receive the message ;
  2. and those that shall not receive it.
Targetting the recipients

First section of the screen gives information on recipiers, contacts without email, and those that are excluded because of filtering.

You provide those criterias in the second section.

Supervise the recipient list

Main screen contains three lists:

  1. recipients: contact with at least one email that will get the message;
  2. list of contacts that have no email address defined;
  3. List of contacts that will not get the message.

If a contact lacks an email address, you can update their information right from this screen to add one.

All without going back and forth in the application, nor with Contacts.

If a contact remains excluded from the distribution list, it is either that he has no address, or that the criteria eliminate it.

Target Address Labels

How shall you select the addresses that will receive your message?

You only need to define two criteria:

  1. the list of address labels which must receive the message;
  2. labels which should not receive the message.

On this basis, the message will be sent to all the addresses of the group’s contacts:

  • who have a “priority” label;
  • who do not have a label marked as “excluded”.

The message will never be sent to an address with a label marked as “excluded”.

Note that it is possible to send the duplicate email to a contact.

If addresses with the “personal” label have priority, and a contact has two addresses, one with this label and the other with “football club”: the message will be sent to these two addresses.