Sylvain Gamel

Domptez l'informatique avant qu'elle ne vous dompte.

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Sylvain Gamel

  • Software developer,
  • Functional specifications,
  • User interface and user experience.

I have been developing software since 1997 in various contexts and wide range of technologies.

I like to create software, whether on the side of the servers (Java, NodeJS), or in front of your users, in a web browser (HTML5 / JS / CSS) or on their phone (iOS, web).

I can also take care of your training, or that of your users.

Helping you to upstream the development of your project is also one part of my capabilities. In collaboration with you and your users I can define the specifications of your project and carry out the functional and technical specifications of your product.

Areas of activity

Project management assistance

Definition of the functional specifications for a membership management system in an insurance company located in Toulon.

  • Needs analysis for insurance subcription contracts ;
  • definition of the content and sequence of screens ;
  • design of ergonomics  ;
  • validation support for users.

SMS Software

Redesign of the architecture and the user interface of a sending SMS tool. This was used by schools for the notification of absences to parents.

  • Redesign of the client application architecture
  • Redefining interface ergonomics
  • Java (client)
  • Java/Swing: User interfaces

Test and Validation tools

Control and implementation of a suite of code generation tools for the test and validation of embedded platforms.

The simulated modules can interact with elements on simulator or SoC.

  • analysis of interfaces files in C, Excel, Word
  • generation of modules simulating the analyzed interfaces
  • generation of interfaces for the TTCN3 language to control its simulators
  • Syntax analysis and parsing for C headers implemented in Perl
  • C++ and Java simulators et communication layer

Online Air Booking


Implementation of components in the booking engine for the site of a large European company.

Administration tools

Design and development of a rule engine and a JSP tags library for conditionally inserting content into pages.

Client web application

Updated and created pages for the reservations flow for a large North American company. Design and implementation of HTML pages from graphic models for an Australian airline.

Mobile web application

Realization of the models and mobile site of booking of flights for an Australian airline.

  • Java/J2EE
  • JSP
  • HTML5
  • LessCss, Sass
  • JavaScript, TypeScript


Java application base to build management applications and stock tracking.

  • Built-in Java application in a browser ;
  • Design and implementation of reusable business components and UIs.
  • Java
  • Automated deployement via internet browser.


Development of an internet activity for a company selling a business address book file and application on CDROM. \n\n Creation of a website sales solution for hotels.

  • address file capturing tools on telematics flow;
  • system administration;
  • DBMS design ;
  • design and development of internet applications;
  • Personalized mini-sites for hotels;
  • Full realization in PHP on a PostgreSQL database.
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • SGBD PostgreSQL
  • PHP/FI
  • Perl

My personnal (ans small) Babel Tower

Server side

  • Java ;
  • Unix environments.

On the USer's Side

  • Java Swing ;
  • JavaScript, TypeScript ;
  • HTML 
  • CSS as a base, but also LessCSS and SASS.

In the Mobile

  • Objective-C (I even participated to this book on the matter);
  • Swift

And also…

  • C++ ;
  • C ;
  • Perl ;
  • Yes, I did some PHP for a year, but it's far too old to dare mention this openly.

Are you using any other coding language?

This is a non-issue to me, I can learn and adapt.


  • Java J2SE or J2EE ;
  • Mac OS X or iOS with Cocoa ;
  • Unix ;
  • Web Service or light client.


  • SCRUM methodology ou more classical waterfall cycle?
  • From tiny to big teams?
  • French speaking environment or multi-cultural?

Still a non-issue for as I can, and will, adapt.

My skills, Your Tools

  • Eclipse, WebStorm, NetBeans ;
  • GIT, CVS, ClearCase ;
  • Jira, Bugzilla, Mantis ;
  • Microsoft Office, Open/Libre Office, Google Docs.