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    Using a static generator to host your website has many advantages.

    However, there are some drawbacks and constraints in terms of of interactivity. It is indeed a bit more complicated to build a dynamic interactive site, and you will probably have to ask yourself how to integrate a contact form.

    In this article, I’ll quickly show you the solution I have chosen for this site.

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    For some reason, when you write UI tests for a toggle on iOS/iPadOS, you have to fight. Yep, you can tap a toggle, but tapping in the middle is most of the time not helpful. Let see how this can be fixed as Apple doesn’t seems to be want to fix this.
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    It’s an idea to open a blog, but writing regularly is a challenge. And above all, what subject shall I discuss after a first introductory post? Finally, I thought it might not be a bad idea for you to present how this site is working, and therefore this blog.
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    What if I gave myself a return to the past by reopening a blog?