Whether your contacts are on your phone, in iCloud, or in Gmail (cardDAV), this tool allows you to manage your different address books as easily as with a Mac.
Icon for account selection
Select the account for which to manage groups

The notebook selection screen allows you to choose between your different accounts.

  • cardDAV accounts (iCloud, Gmail) can be used to create groups;
  • contact files on Exchange accounts (Outlook, Office 365, G Suite) are displayed but are not not usable because groups are not supported by these services.

Your groups will be managed on the chosen account.

By default, it is always the account designated as the default account in Settings that will be used.
Thee active account is the one that you are currently managing accounts for.
Active account is designated by a check-mark in a disk
A circle indicates that you can select this account to manage its groups.
Circle for selectable account
Un circle made of dashed line indicates that this account is not compatible with iOS groups management.
Dashed circle indicated an incompatible account