This utility provides a simple Automator action that can generate mouse clic events.

The short video bellow shows how to use voice commands to do a secondary (right) clic simply by talking to your computer.

This Automator action gives you the ability to build:

  • a service that is able to do a clic using a keyboard shortcut;
  • a voice command to clic without the hand.

Automator is also a great way to adapt your Mac to your needs and improve its accessibility.


The installation package of this tool can be downloaded for free.


Since macOS Mojave, you need to explicitely authorize third party actions

If you do not authorize thrird party actions, you won’t be able to use them in Automator processes.

MouseBot_1.0.0.pkg (5,5Mo)
Free download of the installation package

A short help is available from the main window. It will explain main configuration issues you could encounter.

Please contact me if you encounter other ones.

Dictation Command

You can create a voice command in only few simple steps. You will then be able to control your Mac using the voice.

  1. launch Automator;
  2. create a new “dictation command” process;
  3. add the “mouse clic” action;
  4. select the “right” button for clic and only check the “mouse down” option.

Save this command. You have to set a proper sentence as “dictation command” and check the “command enabled” option.

The first time you will launch the command, the system will ask for the permission to control computer using the accessibility tools.

Just follow the instructions as described in the video above to enable the new dictation command and run it with the voice.

Credits : Thanks to Stéphane Sudre for the Packages sofware used to build the installation package of this utility. Also thanks to Guillaume Gete for letting me know about it.