Always carry in your pocket your deck of cards for the next SCRUM planning meeting.

You will have directly under your fingers:

  • a complete deck of cards to give points to your stories;
  • maps to estimate the duration of a task in hours, days, weeks or even months.

Obviously you can easily modify the cards of your game to always have the right cards in hand.

Be part of the Poker Game

Set of cards on green background

The history screen shows the list of previous operations. Navigation between panels uses a tab bar at the base of the screen.

Your cards are displayed before your eyes on the green carpet of the game.

All you have to do is choose the note you give to the story.

Estimate task duration

Estimate duration in dedicated screen

If you need to give a time estimate for your tasks, everything is planned!

Some finger tapping will suffice to share your opinion with your entire team.

Build your own game

Configure your game
Because each team is different, SCRUM Cards adapts to your needs.
Adjust the content of your cards
A short visit to the settings will allow you, in a few steps, to build your own deck of cards with a few original illustrations.