Seated silhouettes counting coffees and glasses of water floating around them.
Count your actions.
Measure your efforts.
Reach your goals.

How many coffees do you have in a day?

Are you drinking enough water?

How many breaks do you allow yourself during the day?

My Counters_ allows you to set all these counters to measure what you need and make sure you are you’re meeting your goals.

Manage your counters

List of counters, with a pinned section

Your list of counters is displayed on the first tab of the application.

Pin the ones you want to highlight in the first section.

Add a counter with the “+” button.

Action 'pin' displayed

Pin a counter with a drag from right to left.

Once pinned, the counter will be displayed in the first section.

The same gesture on a pinned counter will allow you to unpin it.


Swipe to the right to reveal the access to the editor

Swipe your finger from left to right to reveal access to the editor or the counter reset.

Open the editor to customize it to your needs.

The counter editor to customize them

Of course, you can name your counters, but also associate them with a color or a symbol.

Change the direction to count backwards with the indispensable starting value.

Even count packets of values.


Widget to count trips to the zoo
Drop a counter widget on the home screen and update it with a tap.
Synchronization through the cloud
Your counters are available on all your devices with iCloud sync.