OS X dans la Poche, le PDF

Cover of book OS X dans la Poche, le PDF
Let PDF be your native language!

You may already know how to create a PDF with the print function of your Mac.

Would you know how to do more?

Can you find your documents with the Finder?

You see your PDFs with Preview, but do you know that they can be annotated or modified?

This book will teach you all this, but also how to explore the capabilities of Preview to make it a drawing tool.

You will also see how to use a scanner to digitize your documents.

For the most advanced users, you will discover how PDF services can help you automate certain processes.

And if you have the impression that your Mac is not enough for you, I propose to push the limits with complementary applications.

And unlike your Mac, your iPhone fits in your pocket and can become a real mobile office.

You will discover how the iPad and iPhone complete your Mac.