my Group Manager

This simple and efficient app will let you organize your address book in groups of contacts.

What is possible on Mac with Contacts application is, at last, possible on your iPhone or iPad.

The app my Groups finaly fill this gap by proposing essentials features:

  • create, rename and delete groups of contacts;
  • export vCards of members;
  • merge multiple groups as a single one.
  • send email to group of users (new in v1.1)

A simple tool respecting your privacy.


Managing Groups

Main screen, list of groups.

Main screen of this app immediatly displays the list of groups in your address book.

This is the starting point from where you can create new groups, delete them or change their names.

  • Slide from left to right on a group name to rename it;
  • Slide from right to left on a group name to delete it.

Going into edit mode allows you to select multiples groups to delete them all at once, export them or create a new group by merging your selection.

On this screen, the light appearance is used.

Send an email to group members

New in version 1.1 of My Groups.

A premium feature that you can test thanks to free trial and without engagement.

Mail app already allows you to select a group as recipients, but “My Groups” goes a steps further.

  • spot contacts without emails;
  • target specific address labels in priority;
  • eliminate address labels that must not receive a message.

You have the control on which email will get your message, without losing your time on case by case micro-management.

Targetting is very easy and only rely on two criterias:

  1. email address labels taht must receive the message ;
  2. and those that shall not receive it.

First section of the screen gives information on recipiers, contacts without email, and those that are excluded because of filtering.

You provide those criterias in the second section.

Supervise the recipient list

Main screen contains three lists:

  1. recipients: contact with at least one email that will get the message;
  2. list of contacts that have no email address defined;
  3. List of contacts that will not get the message.

If a contact lacks an email address, you can update their information right from this screen to add one.

All without going back and forth in the application, nor with Contacts.

If a contact remains excluded from the distribution list, it is either that he has no address, or that the criteria eliminate it.

Target Address Labels

How shall you select the addresses that will receive your message?

You only need to define two criteria:

  1. the list of address labels which must receive the message;
  2. labels which should not receive the message.

On this basis, the message will be sent to all the addresses of the group’s contacts:

  • who have a “priority” label;
  • who do not have a label marked as “excluded”.

The message will never be sent to an address with a label marked as “excluded”.

Note that it is possible to send the duplicate email to a contact.

If addresses with the “personal” label have priority, and a contact has two addresses, one with this label and the other with “football club”: the message will be sent to these two addresses.

Premium Features

Paid features

Merging groups, export through sharing and email to groups are premium features that can be unlocked through an in-app purchase.

A single purchase, no subscription, permanently unlocks these premium functions.

Free Trial You may test those features for free for a limited time by activating a free trial.

The purchase of 0$ for the trial offer is not a subscription. It only serves to temporarily unlock these features to try them out.

If these functions are not useful to you, they will simply be deactivated at the end of the trial period.

The application will remain functional and you can continue to use it for free, except for these few more advanced functions.

If you enjoyed this application, I hope you will see this purchase as a way to support my work and its future developments.

Multiple Directories

Selecting an account

Wherever are your contacts: on your phone, in iCloud or Gmail (cardDAV), this tool allows you to manage multiple address book accounts as easily as a Mac.

Pick an account on which you will manage groups.

The account picker screen allow you to select which account to manage.

  • cardDAV accounts (iCloud, Gmail) can be used to create groups;
  • contacts folders on Exchange accounts (Outlook, Office 365, G Suite) are displayed but cannot be selected as those do not support groups.

Your groups will be managed on the selected account.

The account defined as your default account in system settings will be the one selected on first launch.

On this screen the interface uses the dark-mode apperance.