This app is no longer maintained and has been removed from the AppStore.

  • An application ;
  • A widget for the Today view;
  • An Apple Watch application with its glance view.


Easy to use

Create a counter and a update with a tap. This is the easiest way to get started.

  • A simple tap on a counter to increase or decrease the value.
  • Break down your count in units and groups.
  • Quick access with the notification center widget.

Automate !

Integrates with your automated processes using the x-callback-url protocol.

  • obtain the list of meters;
  • apply the default increment to a counter;
  • get the value of a counter;
  • All this as easily as a copy/paste.

An ideal solution to integrate with processes built in Workflow.

Count paquets

_You have just received your coffee capsules? _

Create a counter to know when the you reach the last one and know you need to order again!

Do you want to stop smoking ?

Count the number of cigarette pack you smoke.

A widget for quick access

Add the widget to the Today view of the Notification Center.

You can quickly update your favorite counters.

On Your Apple Watch

Use the watchOS 2 glance function to quickly view the last updated counters.

The app for Apple Watch allows you to update your favorite counters without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Your data, where you want

You can now export your counters in a CSV text format to use them in a spreadsheet, or simply save them.

If you respect exactly the same format, you can also reimport a set of counters.