Chapter Splitter

Chapter Splitter is an application designed to help you cut a video in several files.

For this, it uses the chapter markers that you can add with your video editing or screen recording software.

This kind of treatment is extremely useful especially when you realize screen recordings or video trainings.

No need to question you. Save your presentation now, and once in your editing software you only need to indicate the chapter marks.

A simple and effective utility to cut your videos.


A minimalist, but effective, user interface.

Select the video and a destination folder and you just have to laucnh the export.

Simple use in three steps:

  1. open the source video;
  2. select a destination folder;
  3. start the export.

A minimal configuration allow to adjust the output file names.

And if you need maximum flexibility, you can use the Automator action to build your own workflows.

Built and designed for Automator

Because nothing is better than leaving your Mac work for you, Chapter Splitter is built for Automator.

Video slicing

Pass a video as input to your document and you will find the exported videos in the output.

The video below shows you how to build an export process in a few clicks.

Extracting list of chapters

You can easily extract the list of chapter from one or more video to a CSV file:

  • only from the selected video when using the application.
  • from a list of source videos if you use an Automator workflow.

Once the video is selected in the application, use the export to CSV tool to build a text file in the CSV format that can be opened in a spreadsheet or a database tool.

This tool window allow you to adjust the output format.

CSV export tool provides enough customization to match you personnal need.

If your video chapters are provided in multiple languages, each translation will be shown in a separate column.